Top 3 Must-haves in Your Custom-built Home

Top 3 Must haves in Your Custom built Home Home Builders Algarve

Top 3 Must-haves in Your Custom-built Home

Custom homes offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to design, floor plans, layout, etc. However, since the possibilities are endless, you may be overwhelmed and end up not incorporating the most important features that you should have in your custom-built home. To ensure that you are able to choose and have the necessary features built for your new construction project, here are the top 3 must-haves in your custom-built home:

  • Under Cabinet Lights

While chandeliers are absolute showstoppers, under-cabinet lights are necessary to promote easy and safe navigation in the kitchen. These under-cabinet lights provide you light when you need them the most as they eliminate shadows and give you proper lighting at certain angles that your overhead lights cannot reach. Not only are these lighting fixtures practical, but they also add a bit more to your kitchen’s appeal and ambiance.

  • Mud Room

It is essential to incorporate a fully functional and efficient mudroom inside your new custom-built home. This is because it will help keep your home looking neat and tidy as well as save you a lot of time and effort with its amazing functionality. There are a lot of mudroom designs that you can choose from, such as a mudroom that is combined with the laundry room, a mudroom that is combined with a pet wash station, or a multi-functional mudroom that can also act as storage space with some shelving and rack systems.

  • Closet Organization

When it comes to closet organization, nothing should be compromised. Keep in mind, a clutter-free home is a beautiful home. A customized closet solution will give you an abundance of space that will ensure that there’s a place for every item. More space means being able to keep clutter at a minimum inside your closet and bedroom. There are a lot of closet organization options that you may choose from. You can choose to have a simple closet organizer that has a lot of drawers, some shelves, and a hanging rod, or you can also have a walk-in closet built if you’re aiming for something a bit more complex and if your budget allows it.

  • Spice Rack

Most of your time may be spent cooking in the kitchen, so having a fully functional spice rack that provides you convenience is extremely beneficial. You can have a spice rack that extends out on both sides. Not only does this offer you convenience, but you will also feel like a top-rated professional chef with this amazing kitchen feature!

  • Built-in Speakers

Whether you’re a huge fan of music, like to listen to the daily podcast, or you wish to watch the latest movie releases at home, adding a built-in speaker to your custom home will definitely be one of the best decisions you’ll make with this property. You can consult with your builder about this.

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