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Do you need high-quality windows/doors for your home construction or renovation projects? With decades of experience in construction and design, TJ Projects provides a beautiful catalogue of window frames, styles, materials, as well as sturdy Bi-folding door sets. Fixtures from TJ Projects are manufactured with a German profile, built under a strict license in the UK, and afterward, transported to our showroom in Almancil. As a result, they are significantly better than what’s obtainable in Portugal or elsewhere in Europe.

Bi-Folding Door Sets

TJ Projects supplies and installs high-quality “Bi-Folding Door Sets” in the Algarve region. Bi-folding doors are particularly great when they’re custom-built to match a house’s internal and external design. They allow the outside space to flow seamlessly into the home’s interior; a must-have feature in Algarve. Brighten up your home today with our brilliantly crafted and powerfully designed doors.

Choosing the right window for you

Given the luxury of options available, it is sometimes difficult to decide which window type would be best suited for your home. Do you choose PVCu or aluminium? Similarly, the operating system of a window determines how much light and air flows into the room. So, would you prefer a horizontal slider, a vertical slider, a tilt-and-turn, or a custom-built operating style? Find out more about window styles and materials below:

Window Materials


Aluminium is a light yet durable metal, and it is easily configurable into a wide range of window styles. One of the most common window frame materials, builders and homeowners love aluminium because of its low-maintenance nature. Windows fabricated from aluminium are best-suited to non-corrosive environments.

Please note that are many types of aluminium windows with varying degrees of quality. At TJ Projects, we conform to a strict standard of quality. All our windows are fitted with a “thermal break bar.” This protects the unit from the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of a house, preventing “cold-bridging and ensuring that the window is long-lasting.


PVCu windows vary greatly in quality and design. The best of them have strong insulating properties because of vinyl’s ability to trap air. Top-quality PVCu windows are also very durable, long-lasting, and require little-to-no maintenance. To make them even stronger, TJ Projects’ windows are fitted with additional thermal properties to derive insulation values as high as A+. PVCu windows are commonly used for retrofits and in new buildings.

Window Operating Styles

Horizontal sliders

With this operating style, the window may be slid open from either side. This allows the user to determine how air flows into the room.  Horizontal sliders are very easy to use and if you’re considering large window sizes, they are your best bet.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open upwards, allowing air to enter a room from multiple directions while providing shade against rainfall. This operating style is well-suited for small windows.

Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows typically have two frames; the top sash remains in place while the bottom sash slides open or close. Both frames let light into the room, but the bottom sash is used to control airflow. This window style is ideal if you have vertical shutters nearby.

Tilt-and-turn windows

These are similar to single-hung windows, but in tilt-and-turn windows, the handle can be turned a further 90 degrees. One setting allows the window to be fully hung to the side and opened inwards. Another setting will lock the same window at the sides,  allowing it to swing downwards. In this setting, the top can be used to increase ventilation without taking too much space in the room. Tilt-and-turn windows are a popular choice in the Algarve.

Vertical Sliders

Vertical sliding windows have a central and horizontal dividing bar that enables the frames to slide open vertically. They are ideal for windows widths of approximately 900mm, but they can be banked together (combined) for wider spaces. Vertical sliders are great for higher building floors, and they too work well near vertical shutters.

Custom-built windows

With custom-built windows, you can bring your dreams alive and get a unique window to your home. You determine the design, material, and operating style; and TJ Projects’ expert craftsmen will construct the window according to your specifications.

For enquiries about windows, doors, and similar home fixtures, please contact us  and a customer representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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