Home Management and Maintenance Services

It isn’t easy to keep your home in pristine condition if you don’t live there all year round. As a result, homeowners with professional and personal commitments that require them to travel regularly may struggle with managing their property. To ensure that your home remains in tip-top shape at all times, TJ Projects provides personalized home management and maintenance services.

Our goal is to help people with busy lifestyles maintain a clean and organized home while they are away, ensuring that they meet everything in better shape than they left it. A comprehensive checklist that is tailored to your needs will be created. On a regular basis, home management professionals from TJ Projects will visit your property and conduct the necessary cleaning and maintenance work.

Services we Offer

If you live in Almancil or neighboring towns in the Algarve region, you can have TJ Projects handle the following home management services:

  • Cleaning and general housekeeping;
  • Inspect walls, floors, and ceilings;
  • Check for leaks and run water through taps, faucets, and toilets;
  • Set and adjust furnaces and air conditioners;
  • Ensure that home appliances (e.g., freezers and refrigerators) are functional;
  • Spray water on indoor flowers and plants;
  • Test security systems and smoke detectors;
  • Keep the yard clean and tend to outdoor gardens;
  • Ensure that the swimming pool is serviced and well-maintained;
  • Check lighting fixtures and replace faulty bulbs;
  • Ensure irrigation systems are functional;
  • Conduct general repairs and maintenance.

Why TJ Projects?

TJ Projects is a leading provider of home construction and renovations services in Almancil, Portugal. In the course of our work, we noticed that a lack of adequate maintenance is a significant problem, and it forces many homeowners to renovate their homes too often.

To tackle this problem, we set up a home management service that ensures that your home is cared for, whether you’re there or not. To keep you informed, our craftsmen and home maintenance professionals will open up a line of communication so that you can see the condition of your property whenever you want. We’ll send you regular reports about inspections and repairs, along with photos and videos of your home.

Your vehicles will be maintained and kept in top condition, and should you require it, your beds will be made, new linens laid out, and your refrigerators stocked with groceries just before you return.

The TJ Projects home management service is an all-inclusive solution designed to meet all your property handling and maintenance needs.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity in Almancil, Portugal, please contac us. A customer representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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