DIY Tips to Renovate Old Kitchen Cabinets

DIY Tips to Renovate Old Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Renovations Algarve

DIY Tips to Renovate Old Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets looking their age but you don’t want to replace them just yet? There are some tricks you can leverage that will have them looking good as new. And the best part is: that all the fixes we discuss below are DIY. So, you can get them done without the input of a professional and without any specialist tools. You may need to buy some materials, but they’ll all be readily available at your local store. 

Let’s dive right in: 

Reface old and rough cabinet surface

If the surface of the cabinet is looking rough beyond redemption, there are two fixes you can implement in the short-term. One, you may decide to get sandpaper and smoothen the internal areas then change the doors completely. New doors will change the outlook of any kitchen cabinet – perhaps even go as far as changing how the whole space looks. 

Alternatively, you may decide to use peel-and-stick veneers to reface the entire cabinet’s surface. This is great because it reduces how much work you have to do, and the process only requires you to measure, cut and paste. Just be careful and do it neatly. A bad refacing can have your cabinets looking worse than they did when you started. 

Install cabinet crown moulding

Crown moulding isn’t exactly part of the renovation process, but it will transform your kitchen completely. After refacing the cabinets, use the moulding to create a seamless connection between the storage space and the ceiling. It’s very simple to do: first, you install a frame then place the moulding in one easy move. 


A good coat of paint can have anything as good as new, and your kitchen cabinet is not exempt. With the right mixture of colours, your cabinet can look chic, rustic, modern, or provincial – the choice is yours, really. If you feel like your current colour is too dull, you can opt for something bright, just remember to add a glossy finish. This simulates the look of metal and glass, and it has the added advantage of being easy to clean. 

Add lighting effects 

This can be done without even refacing the old surface or installing a crown moulding. One great thing about lighting is how well it hides blemishes, especially when placed in the right angles. If you want to go all out, you may decide to add the effects after refreshing the cabinet and repainting its surface. 

Task lighting placed strategically under the topmost cabinet layer will bathe your countertop with a beautiful glow. This takes attention away from any old cabinets and will give your kitchen a modern look. It will also come in handy to read recipes or when you’re chopping vegetables. 

In case these DIY tips just won’t do the trick and you need a complete overhaul of your cabinets, be sure to consult a professional cabinetmaker. If your home is in the Algarve, then you’re in luck. TJ Projects provides home renovation services, including complete kitchen remodelling and cabinet installation, and we are known all over Almancil for our top-class service delivery. 

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