How to Avoid Change Orders on Your Custom Home

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How to Avoid Change Orders on Your Custom Home

Building your dream custom home should be an exciting journey, but all too often, there are a lot of unexpected costs and delays due to some changes in the orders. The good news is that you don’t have to accept this as inevitable. If you take proactive steps and work closely with your team of builders, you can prevent costly change orders and keep your custom home project on budget. Here are some essential tips to help you avoid change orders and make your dream home a reality.

1. Select Your Dream Team Carefully

When building a custom home, the most important factor to consider is the team that will turn your dream home into a reality. Also, choosing the right team of professionals is crucial to ensuring your custom home project stays on track.

Work with an architect who understands your budget and can provide detailed plans that minimize the need for on-site changes. Cross-sections, detail drawings, and interior elevations can help create a comprehensive construction budget.
Interior Designer
Collaborate with an interior designer who not only matches your aesthetic preferences but also your budget. Their organization and ability to stay ahead of the builder’s selection schedule will save time and money.
Custom Builder
Ensure your builder scrutinizes architectural plans for constructability issues. This may include realistic allowances for finish selections. Also, it is preferred for your builder to work with your interior designer to align budgets. Early team alignment is key to achieving your custom home budget goal.

2. Ensure Your Builder’s Budget Is Comprehensive

Schedule a budget presentation meeting with your custom builder to review and refine the budget. Ask questions to assess the depth of their understanding, such as:

How well have they studied your architectural plans?
Did they share assumptions made in pricing out specific items?
Did they obtain multiple bids from subcontractors for major line items?
Do they scrutinize subcontractor bids for comprehensiveness?
Did they provide you with options to shape the budget according to your priorities?

3. Make Design Selections on Time

A detailed selection schedule provided by your custom builder during the architectural design phase is crucial. This schedule helps you and your interior designer plan selections and ensures materials are ordered promptly. Before construction, selections should include windows, exterior doors, roofing, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and more. Timely selections prevent delays and keep the project on schedule.

4. Stick to Your Original Selections and Scope

It is very important to make firm decisions and adhere to your initial selections and scope to prevent change orders. Discuss selections early in the process, consult with your team, and prioritize your wants and needs. If you want to exceed budgeted amounts in one area, work with your builder to find cost-saving solutions elsewhere. Maintain open communication with your builder to make informed decisions throughout the project.

Choose the Right Builder to Avoid Change Orders on Your Custom Home

Avoiding change orders on your custom home project in the Algarve or Portugal is achievable with careful planning and a dedicated team of builders. By selecting professionals who understand your budget, maintaining a comprehensive budget, making timely selections, and sticking to your original plan, you can build your dream home without the stress and unexpected costs of change orders. Your custom home journey should be an enjoyable experience, and these steps will help make it just that.

If you’re ready to construct a beautiful custom home in the Algarve or Portugal, work with an experienced custom home builder that you can trust and who delivers exactly what you want, without any change orders. We build the future you envision and turn your custom home dreams into reality. Contact us today at (+351) 918 348 898 or fill out our contact form here.