5 Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodelling

5 Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodelling Luxury Vinyl Flooring

5 Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodelling

Everyone loves a kitchen remodel because it’s one of the rooms where changes are most noticeable. If you get new cabinets today, anyone who enters your kitchen will know almost immediately – mostly because the room is not very big and everything inside looks connected. 

On the flip side, a kitchen remodel can be expensive, and if you don’t take care, costs may run into tens of thousands. So, in this post, we discuss how to ensure you stay within budget as you give your kitchen a new look.

Do some of the work yourself

If you’re handy with tools, you can embrace the DIY lifestyle and do some of the renovation work yourself. This will save you some money and you can complete the tasks at your own pace. Some tasks you should look to handle include painting the kitchen’s interior, tiling the walls, changing lights and electrical outlets, and maybe even installing a flooring. 

You will find resources online that outline the process needed to carry out the listed tasks, and most of them aren’t physically taxing, so you don’t have to worry about exhaustion. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the time it’ll take – will it affect your work or eat into your relaxation period? You need to put these into consideration before you start buying tools online. 

Retain the old kitchen layout

Once your mind is made up on renovating your kitchen, it may start to feel as if you need to gut the entire structure and start all over again. Most times, that won’t be necessary; especially if you’re trying to keep your spending to minimum. So, ignore the urge to change the L-shaped layout to a U-shape. 

Changing the footprint of the room will cost you a pretty penny because it requires breaking things and rebuilding them. Rather, focus on changing the arrangement of your cabinets, getting a new countertop, and giving your kitchen a fresh coat. 

Refurbish your appliances

Buying new sets of appliances is the most expensive line item in any kitchen remodel budget. From the microwave to the dishwasher, refrigerator, water heater, coffee maker, and so on – the kitchen has more expensive gear per square metre than nearly any other room in the house. 

Instead of replacing all or most of them at once, look to refurbish. If there are nagging faults, have a professional work on them and if necessary, buy replacement parts. Only replace appliances that can’t be fixed. 

Put functionality over aesthetics

Every remodelling process is an opportunity to unleash your inner decorator, but remember that this comes at a huge price. So, every time your mind takes you to the glossy magazine pages and kitchens in those million-dollar homes, rein yourself in by putting function over beauty. 

For example, choose a resilient flooring material over the more-expensive hardwood that soaks up stains, is harder to clean & maintain, and drains your budget. If you want to recreate the look of genuine stone and wood without any of the hassle, check out luxury vinyl flooring

Save some money on countertops

Still on the issue of functionality over aesthetics, countertops provide another way to save money by choosing the cheaper and more practical option. Natural stone, quartz, concrete, and stainless steel are some good countertop materials. However, in addition to being more expensive, they also require more attention and are harder to maintain. 

Ceramic tile, solid surface, and laminate are serviceable alternatives that are easier to maintain. And you’re not even losing too much when it comes to appearance, they look very good as well. 

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