5 Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

5 Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Renovation Algarve

5 Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

According to a recent survey of which rooms in a house get remodelled more frequently, the bathroom was voted first. And with good reason. When it comes to renovation projects, a lot of homeowners take the gradual approach. They choose to remodel one room, then move on to the next until the whole house is good as new. And bathrooms are a good place to start because results are easier to measure. 

If you’re looking to follow the trend and start your home renovation from your bathroom, here are some great ideas to consider: 

Do more for less

You can change the entire look of your bathroom by focusing on any two out of the following: the flooring, wall tiles, or dressing table. An honourable mention goes to the bathtub and shower section. However, the wall/floor tiles and the vanity are always good places to start. 

For the flooring, don’t forget to get non-slip tiles that are conducive for use in spaces with a lot of water. Also, remember to pick a colour shade for the floor tiles that complement your wall tiles. And for the dressing table, there are so many options to pick from, it’s almost impossible to choose wrongly. 

Bigger is always better

If you’re looking at a full-scale remodelling, consider expanding your bathroom and increasing the size of the space. These days, homeowners are opting for bigger bathrooms and including room for a spa, storage, and relaxation area. To get this done, you may need to break down some walls and take space from neighbouring rooms or closets.

Don’t forget the little things

While focusing on the big fixes that make a major difference, don’t forget the little things. They aren’t as expensive, and their effects on the overall look of your bathroom may be surprising. From the faucets to the lights around the room, the towel hangers, your laundry basket, and so on, you can make a big difference with the little things. 

Create a separate space for your baths

Another growing trend in bathroom renovations is carving out a segment of the room for your shower and bathtub. A dedicated water space lets you put a glass partition in the room and change the entire ambiance. It’s a simple-enough fix if you work with a skilled home builder, but it can transform the functionality and overall look of your bathroom. Remember to opt for tempered glass, they are designed to keep you safe, and as an added bonus, they look good while doing so. 

Ceramic is still in fashion

Because of its durability and water-compatibility, materials made from ceramic are still a favourite for bathroom walls and flooring. You can also use them for your backsplashes and shower tiles, and they’d still look awesome. Don’t worry about variety; there’s a wealth of shapes, patterns, and colours to choose from; and you can create a truly unique look without breaking the bank. 

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