3 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

3 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger Home Builders Algarve

3 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Are there living rooms or bedrooms in your house that look too small for comfort? There are a couple of tricks you could employ to make them appear bigger and more spacious. Of course, a permanent solution would be to contract a home builder and have some walls taken down to create more space. But if you don’t want to do anything that extreme, here are some quick tips you can use to make a small room look bigger: 

Clear out clutter and arrange smartly

When there are too many items lying around, even a big room can appear smaller. So, you can imagine the effect of clutter in a small room. The first thing to do is let the floor be visible. Relocate anything that can be hung or placed on a shelf, and find ways to arrange them neatly, preferably out of sight. 

Items that can’t be placed out of sight like couches, shelves, and tables should be placed along the walls. Doing this moves them out of the walkway, and away from the room’s center. To reduce clutter, even more, consider shelves that incorporate a table, an armless chair, or an ottoman. 

Utilise light and complementary colours

Warm and dark colour tones are used to make a room feel cosy. Alternatively, cool and bright colours are effective if you want your room to look open and spacious. Aside from using bright tones, however, you also need to maintain a general theme and let all the colours in the room complement each other. 

Contrast makes a room look smaller, so stick to the same palette for your walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Paint the ceiling with soft tones, and use mirrors and reflective surfaces along the walls to open up the room further. Stripes can also be utilised to create an illusion of space, and you should look into painting your ceilings and walls with bold (or subtle) stripes. 

Let there be light

Good and strategic lighting can make any room look bigger than it really is. Whether natural or artificial, if you can find ways to get more light into your room, the space will automatically look bigger. You can start from your windows; ditch the heavy drapes and use light and bright material. As mentioned earlier, vertical stripes on your curtains will make your window look longer. 

Conversely, you could invest in a new set of energy-efficient windows. They ensure more light enters your room, but your furniture, carpet, and fixtures don’t suffer the effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Also consider small lamps, recessed lighting, and track lighting as artificial sources of illumination. 

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